Conference Day 1

8:00 AM Coffee & Registration

9:00 AM Blue Sky Thinking Graffiti Board

Take advantage of the dedicated wall-space to share your key CTS challenges, and listen to them be addressed and discussed by the conference chairman throughout the course of the conference

Steven Jacobs

Board Chairman
Global Clinical Supplies Group

09:10 AM What Are The Critical Parts Of The Supply Chain To Outsource?

Alice Stephan, Global Clinical Supply Coordinator, Roche
  • What considerations must be made when assessing how much of the supply chain should be outsourced?
  • Creating effective interaction between internal and CMO IT systems
  • Determining the most viable outsourcing model for you: exploring compatibility with internal and external quality systems

Alice Stephan

Global Clinical Supply Coordinator

09:50 AM Practical Aspects of Shipping Cell and Gene Therapy

Sue Lee, Technical Portfolio Manager, World Courier
  • Exploring the special requirements for shipping these vital consignments
  • Understanding the vital importance of pre-planning for every patient sample and therapeutic agent
  • Identifying and complying with customs requirements and necessary documentation

Sue Lee

Technical Portfolio Manager
World Courier

Sponsored by: World Courier

10:30 AM Coffee & Networking Break

  • Forming long-lasting partnerships with suppliers to guarantee maximum efficiency within the supply chain
  • Setting metrics and KPIs at the outset of a trial to safeguard against the miscommunication of standards
  • Engaging your vendors in a virtual setting to ensure that your expectations are being met throughout the trial

Sue Lee

Technical Portfolio Manager
World Courier

Bartlomiej Kopacz

Assoc. Director Vendor Management and Patient Recruitment

Christine Muller

Project Director
Robarts Inc

Stream B – Use of Interactive Response Technologies in Clinical Trials

11:00 AM The future of IRT – Where are we today and where are we headed?

Didier Basseras, Vice President Clinical Supplies - Clinical Supply Chain, Sanofi
  • How can we use rapidly advancing technologies to transform clinical trial supply chains?
  • What impact will the use of IRT have on supply and depot management?
  • How can IRT improve time frames, reduce costs and increase the accuracy of trials?

Didier Basseras

Vice President Clinical Supplies - Clinical Supply Chain

Stream A – Outsourced logistics

11:45 AM Applying monitoring technology to minimize temperature excursion

Asim Khan, Senior Manager, Clinical Research Pharmacy Services, Amgen
  • Examining the practicalities of ambient control for the clinical supply chain
  • Understanding why temperature excursions occur and what can be done to avoid them
  • Exploring the advantage of using data loggers for ambient control of temperature sensitive materials

Asim Khan

Senior Manager, Clinical Research Pharmacy Services

Stream B – Use of Interactive Response Technologies in Clinical Trials

11:45 AM Addressing Real-World Challenges in Clinical Supply Forecasting

Cedric Druck, Head of Engineering, 4G Clinical Pirmin Froehlicher, Client Services Lead, 4G Clinical
  • A glimpse into different study level forecasting methodologies - simulation, statistical calculation, average planning
  • Listing major challenges and ways to address them
  • Best practices for implementation

Cedric Druck

Head of Engineering
4G Clinical

Pirmin Froehlicher

Client Services Lead
4G Clinical

Stream A – Outsourced logistics

12:30 PM Case study: Advantage of Forecasting to Study Suppliers

Thomas Thoma, Head Clinical Trials Supply, Teva Europe
  • How to ensure that client expectations can be met by vendors through the use of proper forecasting
  • How advance notice can save both time and money
  • What is sufficient notice of forecasting to ensure supplies can be comfortably met?

Thomas Thoma

Head Clinical Trials Supply
Teva Europe

Stream B – Use of Interactive Response Technologies in Clinical Trials

12:30 PM Panel Discussion: Tracking Returns, Reconciliation and Destruction

Bernard Jaucot, Associate Director Global Clinical Supplies, PPD Didier Basseras, Vice President Clinical Supplies - Clinical Supply Chain, Sanofi Lesley Holt, Director of Clinical Supplies, Mundipharma Research Ltd.
  • The need to understand what narcotic value has been sent back from the site
  • How to ensure compliance with authorities over the destruction of controlled drugs
  • Understanding country specific regulations that dictate the extent of traceability
  • Identifying discrepancies in narcotic amounts along the supply chain, tracking where these happen: What tools can aid with this?

Bernard Jaucot

Associate Director Global Clinical Supplies

Didier Basseras

Vice President Clinical Supplies - Clinical Supply Chain

Lesley Holt

Director of Clinical Supplies
Mundipharma Research Ltd.

1:10 PM Networking Lunch

2:25 PM Technology Demo Drive: The Most Innovative Service Providers from Across the Clinical Trial Supply Space Will Be Showcasing Their Newest Products

Your chance to get a sneak peak at some of the latest innovations from the most exciting companies!

3:05 PM How to optimize your end-to-end clinical supply chain thanks to risk management?

Sébastien Coppe, Head of Consulting Group, N-SIDE
  • Taking a patient focused look at the main factors that impact the risk in the clinical supply chain as a whole
  • API manufacturing: IMP forecast pooling and optimisation of the API quantities for the next 5 years
  • API to IMP: optimisation of the bulk allocation using risk assessment strategies to avoid patient missed visits across the different protocols
  • Depot level: resupply the regional depots to cover the risk over a given time period
  • Site level: set the right IRT settings to ensure the patients will get the right supply on time, while keeping site inventories below storage capacity

Sébastien Coppe

Head of Consulting Group

Sponsored by: N-Side

  • Understand what changes can be made higher up the supply chain to positively impact both site manager and patient
  • Establishing an effective partnership with vendors to ensure ease of delivery for both the site and the patient
  • Looking into how a closer relationship between Clinical Supply Chain directors and Clinical Sites can be fostered to encourage feedback
  • What information should we be getting upfront from trial sponsors for 3rd party vendors to check compatibility?

Simon Denegri

National Director for Patients and the Public and Chair
National Institute for Health Research: NIHR

Samantha Carmichael

Lead Pharmacist Clinical Trials / R&D
Clinical Research & Development, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Mandy Wan

Research Pharmacist
Lead Paediatric Research Pharmacist

4:25 PM Coffee & Networking Break

4:55 PM The role of the specialist courier in a changing Clinical Trial world

Steve Healy, Business Development Director, PDP
PDP Couriers will be conducting an interactive survey focusing on the role that a specialist courier has in the changing landscape of clinical trials. Co presented with Steve Jacobs – Chairperson, the survey will have interactive content which will enable you to actively participate providing your opinions on some key questions.
Each delegate will have an interactive keypad which will enable them to answer the questions and see the results immediately. The second half of the session will delve deeper into some of the feedback as we share best practice, thoughts and ideas.

Steve Healy

Business Development Director

Sponsored by: PDP

    • Table 1: Exploring The Effectiveness of Predictive Modelling - Angelique Van Den Berg, Senior Manager Clinical Global Study Planning, Amgen
    • Table 2: Innovative Solutions For Minimising Waste In Comparator Procurement - Robert Donnell, Head of Business Development
    • Table 3: Clinical Site Centricity: What Can Sponsor Supply Chain Managers Be Doing To Aide Patient Facilities? - Samantha Carmichael, Lead Pharmacist Clinical Trials / R&D, Clinical Research & Development, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
    • Table 4: Compassionate Use Programmes - How Do These Fit In To The Clinical Landscape And How Can We Use Them? -
    • Richard Lambie, Global Director-CTS, Tanner Pharma Group
    • Table 5: How To Support Investigator Initiated Study Supply Chains - Peter Orosz, Head of Clinical Supply Chain Management Oncology, Boehringer Ingelheim

    Peter Orosz

    Head of Clinical Supply Chain Management & Oncology
    Boehringer Ingelheim

    Robert Donnell

    Business Development Manager
    Durbin Plc

    Samantha Carmichael

    Lead Pharmacist Clinical Trials / R&D
    Clinical Research & Development, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

    Angelique Van Den Berg

    Senior Manager Clinical Global Study Planning

    Richard Lambie

    Global Business Director- TannerCTS
    Tanner Pharma Group

    6:30 PM Chairman’s Close & End Of Day One

    7:00 PM The Clinical Trial Supply Casino Networking Drinks

    The excitement and thrill of the CTS Casino awaits the delegates with prizes for the biggest chip winners awaiting